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Introducing Greenville Forward’s Research Intern

GraceMy name is Grace Balte and this summer, I will be Greenville Forward’s summer research intern. Specifically, I will be looking at the status of nonprofits in the Greenville area, and how those nonprofits are attempting to help Greenville grow. Next fall I will be a senior History major with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Davidson College.

Before moving here last Sunday, all I knew about Greenville was that it was roughly halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte, and that about ten years ago, downtown Greenville drastically revitalized it’s image and is now one of the top places to live in the South, if not the U.S. I have been here for less than a week and I already love the city.

I spent part of my first day here exploring downtown, and I immediately saw why Greenville was thriving. People were comfortable and at home walking along the wide sidewalks, seeing the tree-lined streets with shops on either side, instead of the four-lane highway that used to be Main Street. On my second day in Greenville, I took part in a walking tour, led by my boss Russell, around downtown Greenville. We made a loop around Main Street, learning about the people that really pushed for Greenville’s revitalization, including Max Heller. We also saw the parts of downtown that are unique to Greenville, such as the Mice on Main, the Peace Center, and Falls Park. My tour was filled with lots of history about Greenville, so now I have a better picture about what makes Greenville unique. Everyone in Greenville takes such pride in their city. They want to make it a better place both for themselves and for the future.

Part of what makes Greenville so unique is that once they achieve their goals, they don’t just sit on their laurels. Greenville constantly wants to improve itself, as seen from Vision 2025. This Vision is meant to evolve with the needs of the city, not just be a checked off list of things that were accomplished in the past, but a continually evolving goal. I look forward this summer to getting to know both the city itself and the people here who are truly proud to call Greenville home and want to constantly make it a better place.