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Introducing Gardening for Good’s Summer Intern

 My name is Graham Browning and I am a summer intern with Gardening for Good. I will be a senior Health Science and Environmental Studies major at Furman in the Fall. I have a passion for helping people help themselves by giving them the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their wellbeing. My plans after Furman are to take a year off, travel, and return to pursue a masters in Public Health. I am so excited to work with Gardening for Good and Greenville Forward for the next few months!
  When I got word I received this internship with Gardening for Good, I was in Charleston for Spring Break. I literally started screaming and dancing on Market Street with my mother. And no, it wasn’t just about the money (although that is nice, too). Instead, I was more excited about getting to live out what I love about the Greenville community. The improvements I have seen since I drove through the area as a child are inspiring, but we have so much more to do. I cannot wait to, perhaps, be a part of that change.
    I grew up with a father who put every ounce of love into his cooking. Although he was only home on the weekends due to work, he made sure we sat down to a home-cooked meal together at every possible opportunity. My grandmother also grew her own vegetables on her land in rural Alabama and we spent the summer months picking, preparing, and pickling everything we could get our hands on. I was that 5-year-old kid who, when asked what her favorite food was by the pediatrician, responded “collard greens.”  After participating in the Slow Food Italy trip through Furman last May, I reconnected with my love for the land and the food that comes from that land. I realized why my father and my grandmother took so much pride in their cooking. It was their way of connecting the the Earth and those around them in a way, words simply cannot. I am honored to hopefully help others experience this feeling as well through Gardening for Good. 
    I will mainly be creating a resource database on the Gardening for Good website. Community members and volunteers will be able to find the answers to all their gardening questions in one place without having to waste time scouring the internet. The goal is to make Gardening for Good a central hub for all things gardening-related, both within the Greenville community and beyond. I am also helping launch the Greenville Tool LIbrary, which is set to officially open  in August. We will be working together to configure the logistics of opening this tool renting facility and assess community needs. I am putting together information gathered from surveys that will be up on Gardening for Good’s website before the end of the summer season. I will also be helping out in our Swamp Rabbit Teaching Garden and with various summer club-based gardens across Greenville County. Hopefully I will be leading teaching sessions by the end of the season! Keep an eye out on social media, too. I will be updating the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages throughout the summer! Here are a few pictures from my Slow Food Italy trip in Sora, Italy. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
    As my first week comes to a close. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to serve the community that I have fallen in love with over the past few years. Greenville has given me so much during my time at Furman, and I cannot wait to do my part to continue the improvements I have already seen taking place.