Starting the New Year with Inclusion

For many people the new year, means setting resolutions. I have my own list and it includes the usual cliche goals. But this year among the need to exercise more and limit my carb consumption, I’m also adding a goal to live more inclusively.

You see, every quarter, Greenville Forward focuses on a different Vision. We have seven – Learning, Creative, Innovative, Connected, Healthy, Green and Inclusive – and they each describe what kind of community we want Greenville to be. In January, we began the Inclusive Quarter and have a variety of programming planned around what Greenville can do to be a more accepting and diverse community. During this quarter, we’ll cover inclusion of race, sexual orientation, religion and economic status. We hope you’ll join us for some of the conversations and events we’ll be hosting because in order to be inclusive, we’ll need as many perspectives and voices present.

But back to those resolutions. Greenville Forward’s Vision for this quarter, got me thinking about how can we lead a life that’s more inclusive and create a more Inclusive Greenville. For me, it will mean more conversations this year with people who, not only have a different background or come from a different culture, but also people who have different perspectives and opinions. My resolution is to spend less time trying to convince people to think like me and spend more time listening to their story and appreciating their experiences. I‘m excited to do this as a member of the 2014 spring class of the Diversity Leadership Institute, at our monthly Momentums, and during Upstate International Month, but I’m also excited about trying to be more inclusive on a daily basis. I I’d love to hear more about what “living more inclusively” means to you and what you think Greenville can do to be more inclusive. Leave a comment below or join us at our events this quarter. I look forward to starting a conversation with you.

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